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Help fix Jill’s car!

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My sister has the worst luck. She’s been ill and has been told by her doctors to minimize the time working and try to focus on getting better. But in October, something happened that has made her really upset. In the span of a few short weeks, the brakes went, the ball bearing decided to be on the verge of… Read more »

beauty in destruction

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Been meaning to share

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[tftc] Attack of the Quack

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In no particular order: My souvenir book and program guide for the worldcon just concluded in Montreal came today. My cat is thankful to the committee for providing her with cat toys. Cat toys? I hear you ask. Well, you see, in order to keep the souvenir book flat, somebody attached package straps, and my cat seems to think these… Read more »

Things to do today

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I’ve put together my ballots for both the 2011 Worldcon and 2010 NASFiC, and am heading off to mail them, along with my mother’s job application. I also have to go to the library and straighten out a technological problem — the new self-checkout machines are awesome, but if they don’t record that I’ve paid my fines despite taking the… Read more »

Proving physics concepts the hard way.

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If you had been following my twitter on Saturday, you would have seen the following entry: Was in an accident. I twittered that from the ER, where I was waiting to be seen for injuries sustained in said accident. The key point here is that I’m alive. Injuries were a sprained right knee and a sprained right thumb, as well… Read more »

not in my happy place

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So yeah, I’m not in my happy place these days. Wednesday was a headache-inducing day, as I sat in the office and couldn’t focus because they’re fixing the light rail across the street. This involved heavy use of the pile driver. So far today, the pile driver has not been invoked, so I’m hoping I’ll actually be able to get… Read more »