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[Sactown] Penguin Hauling

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C is for Cookie

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pew pew pew

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Pew pew

Found this on the ground this morning as I was walking into work. It was part of a larger chalk drawing. It made me laugh. There’s more to say, but I’m gathering thoughts right now. Maybe later. [This entry is also serving to test the new crossposter. If this works, this entry should show up on my LJ and my… Read more »

Go Bears!

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those who would be different

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Welcome to social deviance! The place where you end up when you realize that you don’t quite fit in. Social deviants serve several important functions, but mostly we serve as a horrible warning, “See what happens if you aren’t a good girl lil susie? You end up like that woman down the street who paints obscene things and lets weeds… Read more »

caution: contains water and smiles

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So, in the process of cleaning up my room, I found my old Nalgene bottle I used to carry around when I was in grad school. I’ve been trying to drink more water, so I’ve gotten back in the habit of carrying it to work: But this has its problems. If you’re not familiar with Nalgene bottles, they have a… Read more »