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For random things I see on my commute

[tftc] OMG fog

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Fog !

[Yet another post in my occasional series “Tales from the Commute”] The commute was ugly today. It looked like this most of the way: It was fun fighting that, when you couldn’t read signs until you were almost on top of them, and people disappeared into the fog way too easily. But at the bottom of my offramp, it looked… Read more »

[tftc] Attack of the Quack

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[TFtC] A bad accident

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[Fourth in an occasional series] My entrance to Interstate 80 is usually Elkhorn Blvd. (For those of you who don’t live in the Sacramento area, this tidbit isn’t going to mean much, but it is what it is.) I have three options — Elkhorn, Madison, and Watt — but of the three, Elkhorn is the closest to my house and… Read more »

[TftC] Commute Friend

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Commute friend

Third in an occasional series I call “Tales from the Commute”: So yeah, even a Monday morning commute is always made happier by having one of these always in sight pretty much your whole way across Interstate 80. There was a couple moments when I could bring myself to believe that the pot of gold was just over the next… Read more »

You see the strangest things on the road

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[Second in an occassional series that I’ve dubbed “Tales of the Commute”.] So the car ahead of me in the onramp today was a Lada. Now, first of all, that’s not exactly a common brand here in the United States. I’m a bit of a Russophile, so I recognized the Russian car company, but I’m not sure others would. It’s… Read more »