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The West is Big, y’all

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sunset, raley field, west sac

The San Francisco Giants, my all-time favorite baseball team, said that they were going to have the trophy at their new Triple A franchise today, and that they would bring all three trophies. Having missed the stop on both the 2010 and 2012 trophies, I figured I’d go down to Raley Field and see them all. After three hours in… Read more »

[Sactown] Penguin Hauling

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[sactown] mmm…root beer

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[sactown] State Capitol Building

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This is my pocket knife

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Went to run a few items to the post office. Now, the post office in Sacramento is in the federal building, mere feet from the security guards manning the metal detector. They wouldn’t let me take the knife in. I guess I could use it to go postal on the postal employees, but why?  Hell, my keys (which I am… Read more »

There are times I really hate Christmas

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[tftc] Attack of the Quack

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Apocalypse Sacramento

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Skyscraper and clouds

Fiddling around this morning with the phone and discovered how to set the camera in black and white mode. I kinda like this — there’s a solemn majesty in it. As an interesting compare and contrast, here’s a color photo of approximately the same scene I took just prior: Photo by retstak Yah, I think I like the black and… Read more »

baseball and a status update

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Take me out to the ball game

God, has it been nearly two weeks since I bothered to update my blog? Ah, here, have a picture: I took this at the Rivercats game last night. It’s the first time I’ve been out to Raley Field, and, while the Cats sucked rocks through a bendy straw last night, it was a perfect night for baseball, especially as the… Read more »

The day I was a superhero

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Warning signs

Yesterday, on my walk between the parking garage and work, I found the following juxtaposition of signage: The chalked message up close, so you can read it: Photo by retstak It was one of those moments where I just had to pause for a moment and laugh (and of course, take a picture). Somebody has a sense of humor in… Read more »

dangerously cute

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Bad Air.

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bad air

It’s ugly out there. This is a picture I just took about fifteen minutes ago, as the sun was going down here in Antelope, which is roughly twenty miles northeast of Sacramento proper. (I’m near Roseville, for those familiar with Sactown geography.) The air’s been nasty all day. Every night, we hope it’ll get better as it clears enough to… Read more »