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signs of life

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It first sounds like random gibberish, the signal on the radio, as if something is keying the radio randomly. But slowly, it begins to resemble an actual human signalling… cq…cq…cq… There might be somebody there after all. (image credit: photo taken by Mike Finucane CC BY-SA 2.5 , via Wikimedia Commons)

Is anybody there?

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Under construction {place hokey gif here}

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Open ID

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wow, it’s been a while…

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There’s a new version of 3ColumnK2 out, and it fixes — yes, fixes! — those annoying permission bugs. So now I’m going to stick with this and start styling the site. I’ve gotten a javascript (which I wrote myself) running that generates a random quote. The next step is to figure out how to get javascript to read out of… Read more »

You may have noticed the site design change.

I really like 3 Column K2 as a style. But right now, he’s got it built upon some shaky code that causes permission problems in the admin space, and that has been driving me nuts. I’m tired of dealing with it, so I’m temporarily running the theme I like second best, which is called Cutline, while I try to debug… Read more »

Today’s doings

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Installed a plugin manager, only to find out that it need SOAP to work. Installed a neat plugin to work with MasterList, only to find out it requires deep voodoo (aka template hacking) to work. Have beat head against the WordPress template documentation, but am no closer to understanding. Am going to ask about it on the K2 forums. Reactivated… Read more »

The reasons for the lack of work.

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Today’s doings

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added header image restyled LibraryThing plugin corrected an egregious grammar error in the sidebar Installed and deinstalled the Twitter plugin. (I’ll bring it back when the site gets more stable.) Tried to get a quote generator working, only to discover that the Widgets plugin doesn’t like PHP in the text boxes. (Javascript is okay. Looks like it’s a good thing… Read more »

today’s muckings

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Done: Got the sidebars mostly set, with feeds for my LJ and the NFZ in the sidebar. Installed plugins to show off my flickr photos and my LibraryThing books. Moved and edited slightly my About Me page. Wrote a small About box on the sidebar. Somehow fixed annoying RSS problem that was causing bad characters to display in the NFZ… Read more »

out with the old

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