All opinions expressed on this website are the personal opinion are mine, Katrina Templeton (katster). Any guest posts will be clearly marked and express the opinion of the writer of said post. All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not the site owner, although the site owner does reserve the right to delete comments at their sole discretion

Among the many people and groups I do not speak for are:

  • Any group of which I may or may not be a member
  • Any employer, past, present, or future
  • Any academic institution I may or may not have attented
  • Sandwich.net or its proprietor
  • The entire science fiction community
  • The president (Oh, lordy, definitely not)
  • National Novel Writing Month headquarters
  • WSFS, Inc.
  • The purple people eater
  • Friends
  • Romans
  • Countrymen

And I most assuredly do not speak for George R.R. Martin.