All the way to Reno and other fannish updates…

All the way to Reno and other fannish updates…

Two things of interest to my fannish friends (and possibly others):

  1. I paid off the last little bit I owed to the Reno Worldcon, so barring extraordinary circumstances, I’ll be hanging with friends there. I mean, it’s just over the hill. (Okay, for values of hill that involves a high point of 7,240 ft above sea level — given I’m starting from approximately 100 ft, it’s a bit of a climb.) But the point is, I’ve got my membership, I’m working out a place to stay, so I should be there. I’m kinda looking forward to it.
  2. For those who didn’t see my triumphant post on Facebook, I have a fanzine now. It’s called Rhyme & Paradox, and you can find a PDF copy of Issue #½ on Bill Burns’ wonderful efanzines site.
    Issue #1 is slated for June and is tentatively titled katster went down to corflu and other stories. (Issue #2, with a mid-August drop [read: I want to hand out copies at Worldcon], has the subtitle Dreaming of Rockets, just to plan ahead.) Contributions welcome.

And I think that’s about it for right now. See y’all again soon.

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