Is anybody there?

Is anybody there?

I’m hardly expecting much in the way of a response, but for my own notes, mind telling me if you see this post? Part of the reason I want to know is that I’m going to try revamping this blog, and it would be nice to have a baseline, and part of the reason is simply because I’m lonely and struggling.

Hopefully I can spend some time thinking tomorrow and work out a small plan for 2015.

That is all. Please say hi.

89 Replies to “Is anybody there?”

  1. Hi. I still read whenever you link to Twitter, which is almost all I pay attention to any more. I do enjoy seeing you’re still about when you do, though.

  2. Shad, Alanna: Awesome.

    Jim: Yeah, I follow. Of course, Twitter’s not where I spend most of my time, it’s generally living in a friends only space on Facebook. But I really do want to get the blog running again and not neglect it.

  3. Hey Kat !! I can read it , I hope that this New Year brings lots of blessings your way :)

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