Today’s doings

  • Installed a plugin manager, only to find out that it need SOAP to work.
  • Installed a neat plugin to work with MasterList, only to find out it requires deep voodoo (aka template hacking) to work. Have beat head against the WordPress template documentation, but am no closer to understanding. Am going to ask about it on the K2 forums.
  • Reactivated Twitter plugin in sidebar
  • Have finally gotten updates running on Hollowman, my desktop computer. Mistoffelees, my laptop, was much more compliant, but it was also more up to date.
  • Added SMS feature. It’s at the bottom right sidebar under the LibraryThing stuff. DO NOT ABUSE THIS FEATURE.

I think that’s everything. It’s a bit of work. There will be more later, but right now I need to sleep.

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