A couple quick thoughts on the political winds…

One: I want to believe. I’m not sure I can. You see, I turned eighteen in 1996, but due to a quirk of calendars (My birthday falls approximately two and a half weeks *after* election day), the first presidential election I was able to participate in was the 2000 clusterfsck. And, in 2004, I let my hopes get too high only to be dashed on the rocks of reality. I’m not sure I’m over that. I understand Barack Obama is not John Kerry, and, despite the fact McCain votes with him 90+% of the time, John McCain is not George W. Bush. But I still expect the Republicans to do everything in their power to take this one away. And that scares me.

Because I know that truth number two is thus: The world is changing. Thus, the United States must change as well, or it will die. And as Obama put it so well last night, just because I’m somewhat liberal in my political beliefs does not mean that I hate this country and want it to die. Far from it. I’m glad a Democrat actually decided to point out that Republicans don’t have a fscking monopoly on patriotism in this country.

Anyway, short post:
1) I want to believe; I’m not sure I can.
2) America must change or America will die.
3) I love my country.

Anyway, I have to go up to Redding to go to my cousin’s wedding and hang out with the *ahem* more conservative members of my family. I’ll try to find internet from there; if I don’t, well I’ll see y’all after Labor Day.

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