Proving physics concepts the hard way.

If you had been following my twitter on Saturday, you would have seen the following entry:

Was in an accident.

I twittered that from the ER, where I was waiting to be seen for injuries sustained in said accident.

The key point here is that I’m alive. Injuries were a sprained right knee and a sprained right thumb, as well as a cut/bruise across my chest, which I suspect was caused by the seatbelt. It’ll all heal, given time. The occasional replay of the accident in my head will probably also fade, although at the moment, it’s difficult.

What happened? Well, I had just come over a hill, and was scanning ahead, when a U-Haul truck down in the intersection I was approaching caught my eye. Which means I didn’t see the brakelights in front of me until it was too late. Whoops. I tried to stop, but I suspect the brakes locked. (There’s some skid marks on the pavement.) The airbag went off.

This all wouldn’t have been so bad, except the car belongs to Mom and Dad, and I feel awful because they didn’t need to have to be looking for a new car now — money’s really tight. And I’m also in the market for my own car, because I had been driving theirs because my car simply wasn’t reliable.

They’re being really nice about it. But I’m just frustrated at the whole thing. And I need a better job, because if I could help my folks out…

But I’m alive. That’s the important part, right?

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