I think I need a vacation from the world.

You know that dream about how you walk into class and everybody’s in there taking a test you didn’t know about?

Yeah, it’s like that. At least I’m not naked.

More later, perhaps.

[Edit: So the quiz got cancelled. However, our presentation didn’t go overly well today. The Star1/Star2 problem we were having I pointed out in discussions, but our main programmer couldn’t talk Access into doing what we wanted. We were fairly dinged on that one, but it was an Access toy database problem. But here’s a big hint to professors: when you require 3-5 tables in the assignment, it’s not fair to chew us out for including 3-5 tables when we could have done it in one.]

2 thoughts on “I think I need a vacation from the world.

  1. ChucK September 15, 2009 at 06:38

    Access is a toy in most cases – it is fine for a SME/SMB which wants a little do-hickey that actually does the hickeys the way you want ’em (small asset tracking, security swipe card entry – diddly little stuff) but most of the time you really cannot (and should not) be attempting anything fancy with it (and neither should teachers be using it if it isn’t the right tool for the job.)

    And why, young lady, are the two words below “dying dishcloth”? – if it wasn’t the way I’m feeling at the moment then I would probably take offense. And if not offense, then at least a gate and a couple of posts – and curse this @merican spellinge!

  2. katster September 15, 2009 at 07:13


    The class is supposed to be teaching us Oracle along with the standards of how a database functions, but we’re only about three weeks in and only have the basics. Besides, I didn’t actually put together the powerpoint slides, because…yeah, my Access-fu is non-existent. (I admit that I thought of keeping my fanzine mailing addresses there before I realized that Excel would probably do most of what I wanted and I knew Excel better.)

    I know a bit more about databases in general as I did have to put together this ER diagram and build the database out in mySQL as the back end for a web application that was my master’s project. Which is why I knew the Star1/Star2 problem was going to be a problem from the beginning, but as I said, Access wouldn’t play along.

    As for the words below, it’s a captcha to prove that you’re not an evil heartless spambot. The one I’ve chosen uses words from scanned-in books to do the checking — the site already knows what one of the words is, and by identifying the other, you help in digitizing the book. It’s a form of character recognition that humans do well, and I like it better than those omg crazy colored things some sites do — it took me seven or eight tries once with one of those things. I can only imagine how hard they must be if you’re colorblind.

    (Short form: I have no control over what words it displays or the spellings thereof. Besides, you could do without your superfluous u’s and your -re instead of -er spellings…*grin*)


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