the really long opening sentence.

Back around 2005, the first time I did a NaNoWriMo in the friendly confines of the Sacramento region, we had a slight contest. I think I won this one, for most convoluted and long opening sentence. So, to share with you (since I found the notebook it was in), here it is:

In the beginning — if anything could be said to have a beginning that wasn’t some other beginning’s end or end’s beginning or end’s end or beginning’s beginning — the universe seeked heroes to uphold truth and justice and its very own internal structure and it called these heroes out when needed or even wanted; the universe, it seems, is in dire need of heroes to be eaten alive, and this story is about a particular groups of bold and brave heroes (and heroines, for heroes can be girls or anthropomorphic squirrels or protoplasm or transforming robots or whatever, really; the key is to simply be willing to be chewed up alive by the universe, and these heroes had that in spades.)

While I would never write a story starting this way, I’m oddly proud of that.

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