Today’s doings

  • added header image
  • restyled LibraryThing plugin
  • corrected an egregious grammar error in the sidebar
  • Installed and deinstalled the Twitter plugin. (I’ll bring it back when the site gets more stable.)
  • Tried to get a quote generator working, only to discover that the Widgets plugin doesn’t like PHP in the text boxes. (Javascript is okay. Looks like it’s a good thing I’m taking Javascript and AJAX this term.)
  • Got comments from Zibb and Kowh, w00t. And now I know how will handle comments.
  • Turned on the K2 asides option. (Twitter jitters is an aside. I think I may want to hack the restyling a bit.)
  • Fixed Zibb’s comment flooding problem. (It’s an ugly hack, though.)
  • Installed plugin to get around admin not being able to create categories. (Why does this bug even exist? Why?)

I think that’s everything. The big thing on tomorrow’s agenda is to port the “about” page and redo the about page to point to the about me and about pages. Also, I need to remember to put a Sandwich badge somewhere on the website, for we loves our sysadmin, we do.