the may death march

These are the next two weeks in my schedule.

Fri, May 9th: Mom’s 50th birthday. Taking her to lunch. Going out to dinner. Must go down to UCD and pick up paperwork. Must clean house. Homework due in Excel class.

Sat, May 10th: Mom’s family comes for Mom’s bday/Mother’s Day. House must be clean by 11 AM.

Sun, May 11th: Work day to catch up with homework. Need to call Ei and wish happy birthday.

Mon, May 12th: Mom goes back to work. I think I have homework due in Excel class. Work. Need to call and wish happy birthday.

Tue, May 13th: Mom works. I might work. I might be working on final project in Excel class.

Wed, May 14th: Mom works. I work. Final project due in Excel class.

Thurs, May 15th: Mom works. I probably will work.

Fri, May 16th: Mom works. I probably will not, but I will be studying. Need to go to Roseville and pick up ribbons.

Sat, May 17th: Excel Final Exam.

Sun, May 18th: Breathe, because things are about to get ugly.

Mon, May 19th: Work. Mom works.

Tues, May 20th: Mom works. Final exam Accounting. Must have homework done. Must have five article reviews done. May have to work some.

Wed, May 21th: Mom works half day. I work? Mom has appointment with DMV to plead with them to keep her license.

Thurs, May 22nd: Work. Mom works. Ei comes down. Going to see Caspian with Ei. Must be packed for Baycon by this point.

Fri, May 23rd: Drive to Bay Area with Ei for BAYCON!

Yeah, it’s going to be an exhausing couple of weeks.