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An Alexander day

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I swear, Mondays account for 53 and three-quarters percent of all my extensional crises. This was another bad Monday. Anyway, to explain my topic, it comes from the children’s book Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day, in which the main character contemplates several times about moving to Australia. I’ve thought about it too, and so really… Read more »

I hate Mondays.

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I think I need a vacation from the world.

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You know that dream about how you walk into class and everybody’s in there taking a test you didn’t know about? Yeah, it’s like that. At least I’m not naked. More later, perhaps. [Edit: So the quiz got postponed. However, our presentation didn’t go overly well today. The Star1/Star2 problem we were having I pointed out in discussions, but our… Read more »