Back to life, back to reality…

From a rift in the space-time continuum somewhere near the Hyatt Santa Clara, katster emerges from the pocket dimension she has been inhabiting for the last three days.

Tim Powers, our Writer Guest of Honor, was the one that coined the “pocket dimension” idea as he summed up his thoughts on the weekends at closing ceremonies. It’s wonderful, I love it, and I’m going to steal it.

The short of it: Baycon was a blast. I ended up with 64 ribbons, a gopher/gofer ribbon, a Reno Worldcon sticker, a Seattle Worldcon button, and a copy of Orange Soda, the 2008 Baycon fanzine in an hour, which I hope will appear on real soon now. I also have some swag from the dealer’s room, and a silver dollar from 1978 that was given to me in change, and an entire run of the whole official newsletter along with one of the two fake newsletters distributed during con.

I managed to hit all four guests of honor with my “Press Button. Receive Baycon.” ribbon, a feat I was particularly proud of. The gofers went on strike, sorta. (Okay, not really, but I got to make a protest sign that read “Doors Don’t Just Watch Themselves” and I think I’m going to print “Gofer Local #42” ribbons next year.) I went through all five hundred of the ribbons I printed and ran out at about 2 PM on Sunday. (Okay, I still had some of the Top Sekret Ribbon I printed with and in mind, but I wasn’t giving that one to just anybody.)

The hotel staff had a competition to see which employee could collect the most ribbons.

I managed to lose something during con, too. This year’s particular case of the concrud seems to have found its way directly to my vocal cords, which means, I have next to no voice. Good thing I don’t talk much at work.

I’d say more, but I promised Chris Garcia I’d write up my thoughts (or the crimes of Belgium) for his fanzine, and I have to produce AuGH #8 before Sunday, and I have to work.

But I’ve already bought my membership to Baycon 2009, and am counting the days until we’re at it again.

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