Web 2.0 strikes again.

Okay, two things.

First of all, I’ve been playing with playing with Plurk recently. If you’d like to join the service, you can join it through my invite link. It’s kinda like twitter, but it’s got the cool invite feed.

The other thing I’ve been meaning to ask is which of the social networking sites are y’all on, and what usernames are you logousing on them? I’m generally either katster or retstak, and I’m almost always registered under my email: katster AT retstak DOT org. (A few have my gmail address: retstak AT gmail DOT com) Generally, any site which lets me set an avatar gets my standard kat logo pictured to the left. (The exception is my AIM and yahoo names — both kjatster — which were picked before retstak became my common alt.nick.)

So let me know which sites y’all are on, if any.

One thought on “Web 2.0 strikes again.

  1. Paul Zickler June 26, 2008 at 10:22

    Well, since no one has responded yet, I shall do so, even if my acquaintance with you only includes our classification as “Super” according to last.fm’s musical taste-o-meter.

    I have made my way, tentatively at first, into the social networking fray, and now find myself very much immersed in it. I have a page on facebook (under my real name, of course), an account on youtube, the aforementioned last.fm (not exactly a social-networking site, but kinda), and a total of three myspaces (one for myself, one for my music, and one for a band I was in back in the 80’s that occasionally still gets together to drink beer & bash on guitars). My nickname is pretty consistently zeppyfish. I have never been able to accurately explain where that came from, other than that I needed a name to put on my first web-mail account, and it was the first thing that popped into my head.

    So there ya go.

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