Denver bound, w00t.

So the folks at work finally got back to me about whether I can take a few days off for vacation to go to Worldcon. The answer is yes. Flights are as follows:



Depart: Tuesday, 05 August 08 Frontier Airlines
08:12 PM Sacramento , CA , US (SMF) Non-Stop / F9 0224
Arrive: Tuesday, 05 August 08 Cabin: Economy / Airbus A319
11:25 PM Denver , CO , US (DEN) Seat(s): 17C
Depart: Tuesday, 12 August 08 Frontier Airlines
09:35 PM Denver , CO , US (DEN) Non-Stop / F9 0221
Arrive: Tuesday, 12 August 08 Cabin: Economy / Airbus A319
11:00 PM Sacramento , CA , US (SMF) Seat(s): 22C


And with the addition of Colorado, the only Western state I will not have been in is New Mexico. (I haven’t been to Texas, but Texas isn’t exactly what I call west.)

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