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A bit of excitement.

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Not the recommended kind, though. I’ve been getting a lot of headaches, sometimes very migraine-like, lately. I’ve got a consult in with the neurologist for a week and a half from now, but for the moment, I’ve been taking Aleve at the first signs of a headache and resorting to the heavy guns (sumatriptan) if it doesn’t go away. If… Read more »

The West is Big, y’all

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Hanging out at the twenty four hour diner

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Saturday night and I’m doing my usual thing, hanging out at the local Denny’s with good friends and … well, maybe not *good* food, but decent. Of course, when I was a kid, Denny’s was sorta my idea of fine dining, so it’s amusing that I type that. Anyway. Trying to think of things to write about and get my… Read more »

Is anybody there?

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The future is now

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There are times I really hate Christmas

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Funny sticker

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Too much good stuff

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I found this in the grocery store last night. Me: I’m afraid to look at how many calories that has. Jill: (flipping package over): Servings per package: 12. Calories: 200. Calories from fat: 90. Me: Yeesh! That’s one-sixth of one cup per serving. So I guess if you really like Reese’s, this might be worth it. Just keep in mind,… Read more »

I can’t be this old

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C is for Cookie

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Ode to a Banana

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Been meaning to share

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most awesome birthday weekend ever

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I’m sitting here at the computer trying to figure out something to tell you all. I figure I ought to post in the middle of the day because it might get more comments, but that’ll be for another time. Tonight, it nears midnight, and I have a deadline. The biggest thing I want to talk about, I’ve promised somebody I… Read more »

Can’t blog today. I has the sad

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This entry exists merely to meet the letter of the challenge. It probably doesn’t meet the spirit, but since the last three days’ entries have seemed to be on the negative side and nobody wants to read that crap. So, I’m going to spare you all another rendition. It’s November. It’s supposed to be my best month. And it isn’t…. Read more »