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Bacon Soda!

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I promised bacon soda and I will deliver! So I wandered into BevMo the other night because I know they have an amazing selection of root beers and sarsaparillas, and they’re also about the only place in town that sell birch beer, which I adore. (I want to try spruce beer, but I’m told that’s an East Coast thing and… Read more »

[Sactown] Penguin Hauling

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[sactown] mmm…root beer

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[sactown] State Capitol Building

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beauty in destruction

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Oil and water do so mix…

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Oil and water

…at least, when it comes to odd but pretty pictures. It rained at la casa de katster last night, and as I was getting into my car this morning, I spotted this interesting puddle on the driveway where my dad usually parks. (Yeah, his truck has a minor oil leak.) Of course I had to take a picture as the… Read more »

the start to the day

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Is this blasphemy?

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The wrong side of the glass…

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The future is now

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There are times I really hate Christmas

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[tftc] OMG fog

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Fog !

[Yet another post in my occasional series “Tales from the Commute”] The commute was ugly today. It looked like this most of the way: It was fun fighting that, when you couldn’t read signs until you were almost on top of them, and people disappeared into the fog way too easily. But at the bottom of my offramp, it looked… Read more »

Funny sticker

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Too much good stuff

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I found this in the grocery store last night. Me: I’m afraid to look at how many calories that has. Jill: (flipping package over): Servings per package: 12. Calories: 200. Calories from fat: 90. Me: Yeesh! That’s one-sixth of one cup per serving. So I guess if you really like Reese’s, this might be worth it. Just keep in mind,… Read more »

For the birds

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