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the letter and the spirit

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I hope at least some of you have been triggered into fatal convulsions — Henry Dampier (@henrydampier) May 15, 2015 Wow, aren’t you an absolutely lovely and charming person. The article in question (via Do Not Link) opens with this quotation: Situational dominance is contingent on local factors. For example, a 5’4 female teacher with a firm demeanor is situationally… Read more »

My Mind is My Own

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Over the last few days, I have been voraciously combing the internet, reading anything and everything I can find on the nominees for the Hugo awards and wrestling with my own conscience. I think I have finally come to a conclusion as to what I am going to do. I will read all the Hugo nominees as if this were… Read more »

Grimly and Without Joy

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The 2015 Hugo nominations have come out. Normally this is a great moment of satisfaction for me. I usually have not read all the nominees on the slate, so it’s like getting a Christmas present from my fellow science fiction geeks. Hugo nominations are generally so broad that what percolates up from the mass hive mind are usually stories that… Read more »

A sunset and an update.

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sunset, raley field, west sac

The San Francisco Giants, my all-time favorite baseball team, said that they were going to have the trophy at their new Triple A franchise today, and that they would bring all three trophies. Having missed the stop on both the 2010 and 2012 trophies, I figured I’d go down to Raley Field and see them all. After three hours in… Read more »

Hanging out at the twenty four hour diner

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Saturday night and I’m doing my usual thing, hanging out at the local Denny’s with good friends and … well, maybe not *good* food, but decent. Of course, when I was a kid, Denny’s was sorta my idea of fine dining, so it’s amusing that I type that. Anyway. Trying to think of things to write about and get my… Read more »

Cutting it a bit close…

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Is anybody there?

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Two Ronan

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I admit I have an odd fascination with these silly bobbleheads. (As well as Guardians of the Galaxy,  but that’s another story…) But here’s the odd thing.  The Ronan on the right,  with the full beard, isn’t on the mystery box. The Internet isn’t clearing it up either.  What’s going on here?

A little gift

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So…with some trepidation, I decided to participate in the Reddit Secret Santa.  Yes,  I lurk on Reddit. A box from UPS showed up yesterday.  I didn’t really have the time to properly disassemble it,  although I did open it before I remembered about Secret Santa.  And thus…a proper unveiling. It’s a box.  A very secret box. Packing peanuts!  Best gift… Read more »

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This is Ebony. She is a big part of why, instead of some big introductory post, you get this. Because right now,  I am tired,  worn through,  and otherwise about to crash out with a migraine. This is partially due to a certain cat deciding that nighttime is not for sleeping. Hopefully,  I’ll be more coherent tomorrow.

I just applied for a job.

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I really suck at updating my blog

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People I Think Are Quite Keen: Richard and Jennifer Crawford

(What is this? An Introduction) So, it’s Thursday. Who’s going to get the first nod as a person I happen to think is quite keen? Well, it’s actually two, partly to make up for the fact that I’ve just decided to start this, thus I missed last Thursday, and partly, they’re married, so it’s fitting to honor them together. So,… Read more »

People I Think Are Quite Keen: An Introduction

People of Berkeley - Up a Tree

So I’ve been poking around Ryan Macklin‘s blog. He’s a wonderful creative guy whom I worked with on the (now no longer available) Finis project (and I kick myself that I didn’t get a PDF copy while they were still around!), and he came up with a little series called “People I Admire”. So…like a good creative does, I’m stealing… Read more »